20 Things Only Pit Bull Parents Understand

Written by: Nicole Zalat

November 6, 2014

If you’re lucky enough to share your life with a pit bull (or a dog who falls under the pit bull umbrella) you know it takes a special kind of person to take on the challenge of loving a breed that has such an undeserved reputation. Even though they’re the Best. Pups. Ever.

But that’s not the only thing that bonds pittie parents together. Here are 20 things only pit bull parents understand.

1. That feeling when you get to the dog park and all the other dog parents pack up and suddenly leave.

pit bull at the park

Some folks judge a four-legged book by its cover, but it’s really their loss.

2. People either LOVE seeing your pit bull, or are terrified and cross the street (much to your dog’s dismay).

pit bull on a walk

Most pitties are major people pleasers who rev up that wiggle engine when someone comes near. Unfortunately, they don’t always get the drive-by pets they deserve.

3. Finding a place to live can be more difficult.

pit bull with human

Rentals tend to broadly forbid “aggressive breeds” including pits, German shepherds, huskies, and more, making finding a nice place to live with your best friend 1,000x times harder.

4. When they play, they play to win.

pit bull playing tug

Pits accept a tug-of-war challenge every time. Hold on tight!

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5. There is nothing like a bully cuddle…

pit bull snuggling on couch

They may be heavy and muscular, but pit bulls are PROS when it comes to getting cozy, and often have to be touching you at all times.

6. …although sometimes that means there’s no space for you on the bed.

pit bulls on bed

Yeah, they’ll get comfy just about anywhere. Especially if they can spread out and make themselves at home.

7. That sweet, sweet head tilt.

pit bull head tilt

It makes you wonder just what goes on in those big blocky heads of theirs.

8. The talking. They will argue with you…

Just like Frenchies, pitties have a unique “speaking voice” that is quite persuasive when they want it to be.

9. When they get excited, prepare for full-body wiggles and a tail that slaps the heck out of your legs.

pit bull wagging tail

WATCH THE TAIL! That happy motor will leave bruises if you don’t dodge it.

10. They can be big babies when it comes to the cold. Make sure they bundle up!

pit bull bundled up

And rightly so! Pitties have very short fur, so they’re not well-equipped for winter. (Just use this as an excuse to get them a variety of toasty coats.)

11. As tough as they look, they’re really softies on the inside.

pit bull on couch

And on the outside. Look at that SQUISH!

12. They judge you for your silliness…

judgy pit bull

The kings and queens of a judgmental side-eye.

13. …but then turn around and do things like this:

Two brain cells fighting for dominance, you gotta love ’em.

14. You have to be really choosy about the toys you bring home.

pit bull with super chewer toys

Pitties can be super shredders when it comes to toys! Opt for tougher stuff to avoid any accidental fluff ingestion, and always keep an eye on them with anything they chew.

15. They’ll do anything for a treat, and NEVER forget to remind you it’s dinnertime.

pit bull catching a treat

Cue the mile-long drool string. Pits are actually super smart, so training is a piece of cake with their food-motivated brains.

16. The snoring. Oh, the snoring.


You’ll get used to it. It’s your very own white noise machine.

17. They’re experts at manipulating you with the most intense puppy faces.

pit bull begging

Got an extra piece of bacon you were saving for yourself? Not anymore.

18. They can be major divas, but you’ll do anything for them because gosh dang it, they deserve it.

pit bull with towel wrap

Pittie parents (and most dog parents, let’s be honest) will splurge on nice things for their dogs way more often than they will for themselves. Who can resist that big mushy face?

19. When the zoomies start, watch out! These guys are barrels on legs.

pit bull running

This is what dodgeball prepared us for in high school. Use those skills and protect your knees!

20. Some people tend to paint this breed with one broad stroke, but pit bull parents know that each dog has its own unique personality. They’re just waiting for love from the right human to bring it out!

pit bull snuggles

Every dog is an individual, and no one knows that better than a pittie person.

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

November 6, 2014

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