Little Pit Bull Gets A New Pair Of Legs And Couldn’t Possibly Be Happier

Roscoe is one happy-go-lucky little pupper, but when he arrived at Ashland Humane Society in North Carolina, his front legs just couldn't keep up with his bouncy personality. [bp_related_article] He suffered from a very serious wrist and ligament deformity that made walking - and playing, for pup's sake - almost impossible. Months later, following a major surgery to give Roscoe "new legs" and non-stop physical therapy, he graduated from foster home to forever home. His surgery wouldn't have been possible without $4,000 worth of generous donations, and now Roscoe lives with his best doggie bud and a family who will try their very best to keep up with him. Run, Roscue, run!
H/t YouTube/AshvilleHumane and Facebook/Ashville Humane Society

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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