Wounded and Covered In Mange, This Dying Pup Was Sent To Prison

The World Animal Awareness Society is an international non-profit that works to spread awareness about animal cruelty. The organization created a series of short videos to raise money for the Good Pet Guardian Lesson Plans, documenting the pawesome rescue of a young Pit Bull mix named Penelope. Penelope was discovered by Cathy Gray, a volunteer at Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan, and Tom McPhee of World Animal Awareness Society. The two called The Michigan Humane Society to report the wounded puppy they had found. After taking a closer look, they realized Penelope was covered in cuts and had twine embedded in her body. Penny 2 new Shorty after, Penelope (also known as Penny) was taken to the Humane Society. She stayed at the facility for five weeks where she received treatment for her various injuries. Penny 3 new Although Penny was improving, the staff at the Humane Society believed she could benefit from some extra attention. The organization decided to team up with Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan to enroll Penny in their prison program. [bp_related_article] Penny Recovery new The 12-week long program assigns each dog to an inmate for training. Dogs learn to socialize as well as nine basic commands and often come out knowing up to 30+ tricks. Once completed, each dog receives their Canine Good Citizen certificate and is made available for adoption. Pennys new home new After spending five months in the program, Penny was ready to find a home! Penny was adopted by the Falzone family who even decided to take home Penny’s best friend, Barkley! Penny-Goes-To-Prison-4 new Today, Penny’s owners say she is doing well. She loves to socialize with the neighborhood dogs and to roll around a pond close to home with Barkley, although they often end up looking “like a couple of rolled up cookies by the time they’re done”. Their new family goes on to describe the two as perfect pups. Penny Goes To Prison Part 1: Penelope's Rescue Penny Goes To Prison Part 2: Penelope's Recovery Penny Goes To Prison Part 3: Penelope Gets a New Home
Featured image via and h/t to World Awareness Society

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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