Pit Bull Who Was Shot And Left To Die Is Now Beloved By People From Across The World

Written by: Arin Greenwood

May 27, 2016

HoneyBear was shot and left for dead at a Texas apartment complex in late April.

“He was in excruciating pain, bleeding profusely and throwing up blood. As he lay there bleeding, almost bleeding out, he didn’t stop wagging his tail,” says dog rescuer Tyler Nasise.

Then HoneyBear got very lucky.


HoneyBear is lucky to have survived, lucky a bystander called the police, lucky the police officer who responded to the call got him to safety at a local animal shelter. It seems almost improbably fortunate that from this, HoneyBear got taken in by Tyler — who got HoneyBear the veterinary care he needed.

Tyler also shared the dog’s story on his pup-ular Facebook page, garnering the adorable guy fans from all over the world. And not just fans, but presents.


HoneyBear’s admirers live in Canada, Australia, Germany, South Africa, and of course the United States. And they have been sending this dog toys, and food, and treats, and beds, and all kinds of other gifts.

“He loves the attention and love and treats,” says Tyler. “His eyes are much lighter and much brighter then when I first rescued him.”


HoneyBear’s getting a lot of love at home now, too. He has become great friends with Tyler’s other critters — which are many, and include six other dogs, some donkeys, and a gigantic rescue pig named Henry in whom Mr. Bear has taken a special interest.

“HoneyBear wanted to play and play bowed to get Henry to play with him. They were on opposite sides of the fencing but it was really cute,” Tyler says.


Life is indeed good and full. HoneyBear is getting used to good food, good friends, lots of toys just for him, and what’s becoming a sweet routine. For example, he and Tyler take lots of walks around their neighborhood, during which the dog often carries one of his new stuffed toys in his mouth, and hops “or skips like a little bunny.”

Says Tyler:

He is really quite the character! He makes me laugh all the time with his little antics and his play style.


Originally, Tyler planned to get HoneyBear fixed up and then find him a new loving home. While his shooter hasn’t been found, the holes in HoneyBear’s body are healing. He’s well on the way to being ready for adoption.

But you may have guessed that those initial plans have changed. Because it’s not just folks far away who have fallen hard for the lucky dog with the cocked eye and ears as big as his personality.


Tyler’s pretty well sunk, too. So HoneyBear won’t have to budge an inch to get that loving home he so deserves.

“He now sleeps peacefully through the night and it is usually on his back. When a dog shows their belly and sleeps like this it shows they are trusting their person and content and loved,” says Tyler. “There is something very special about him, and he will be staying and spending his life with me.”


Here’s where to keep tabs on HoneyBear.

Get in touch at [email protected] if you have a dog story to share!

All images via Dexter’s Legacy & Rescue Friends

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Written by: Arin Greenwood

May 27, 2016

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