Pit Bull Literally Tiptoes Down The Hallway Because He’s Afraid Of Disturbing The Cat

Redd the Pit Bull mix is still in Pound Hounds Res-Q but his foster parents can’t seem to figure out why – and neither can we! This big baby is so sweet that he tiptoes past the door that his cat foster sibling is behind because he’s so afraid to disturb it!

The five-year-old Pit Bull mix can be seen slinking past the door in the most ridiculously exaggerated tiptoe humanly caninely possible, even when coaxed by his foster mom. I guess we know who rules the roost in this house – and it’s not the 70-pound softie pictured here!


Redd is still available for adoption in Uxbridge, MA and he will only be adopted out in the New England area with a fee. According to the rescue group, he likes belly rubs, giving kisses and watching tv. And obviously, he is very respectful of cats!


If you are interested in giving this giant ridiculous baby a home, fill out an application here.

Featured image via Pound Hounds Res-Q

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago