Bonded Pit Bulls Had An Almost 0% Chance At Adoption, But Now They’re Hitched

Written by: Regina Lizik

December 7, 2015

Sweet, but shy, Abbey spent 800 days in Speranza Animal Rescue waiting for the love of her life. Although she is a beautiful girl, someone abused Abbey before she was rescued. Although she had a boisterous personality, her past left her wary of hoomans and other dogs, so potential adopters overlooked her.

abby and zeus

Then something beautiful happened. She met Zeus, a dog who also came from an abusive background. Someone had beaten the Pit Bull so badly that he lost an eye. Like Abbey, he was shy around strangers.


But when they met, it was ruv at first sight.

abby and zeus 2

Because of their bond, both dogs overcame their own issues. Abby became more accepting of other dogs and Zeus became less afraid of strangers.

In a Facebook post, the rescue said:

Everywhere Abbey was, Zeus would be following close behind . They truly became the ‘love birds’ of Speranza.

Their love was so strong, that the rescue knew they needed to find a home together. You can’t separate true love, right? However, bonded pairs are extremely rare in the dog world. Tragically, they are often separated because most people do not want to adopt two dogs at once, especially two Pit Bulls. But Abbey and Zeus received a miracle in the form of the Morretti family. The couple fell in love with both pups and adopted them just a few days before Christmas in 2014.

abby and zeus 3

Since then, they’ve celebrated a lot of holidays together. But no holiday was more impawtant than the one they celebrated at the end of November 2015 – their wedding!

abby and zeus 4

The pair exchanged the most romantic vows we’ve ever heard:

Zeus told Abbey:

You fill up my days with companionship love and happiness. Speranza saved my life, and you, my dearest Abbey, saved my soul.

Abbey had barks and howls of ruv for Zeus, as well:

You did what no human and no other dog could have done. Your unconditional love and warm companionship filled the emotional scars that I had so much trouble filling on my own.

abby and zeus 5

At one point, the pair was so overtaken with their love for one another that they fell to the ground in awe of their own pawesomeness. Abbey was so emotional that she demanded belly rubs to calm her down.

abby and zeus 6

Instead of boring human wedding rings, the pups exchanged stunning dog collars as everlasting symbols of their true ruv.

Lucky for us, their pawrents captured the entire ceremony on camera!

We are so happy for you, Zeus and Abbey! You found true love not once, but twice! First with each other and then again with your amazing humans, who are most definitely going to give you the happiest lives in the universe!

Congratulations on gettin’ hitched, you two!

h/t The Dodo.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

December 7, 2015

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