This Pit Bull Was Shot in the Head, What Happened After Makes No Sense–And We’re So Glad

Written by: Lisa Bernier

September 22, 2014

What could have been a tragedy has become an incredible story of survival and a testimony to dogs’ resilience and grace.

When the Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission, Kansas received a call about a stray injured dog that needed help, they didn’t know what to expect.

What they found was Timber, a young Pit Bull who had been shot in the head with buckshot, then abandoned and left to die. He had been shot in such a way that the pellets entered his head, came out his neck, then ricocheted back into his paw.



The rescue believes that it is because he is a Pit Bull that Timber was targeted in this way. To get such a point blank shot off, Timber would have had to be fairly close to the shooter, enough for any hooman to see “he is a friendly dog.”

Fortunately, not only did Timber survive, he bounced back. According to his foster family, he is a “happy-go-lucky, loving dog. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t hold any resentment, he lives every day to the fullest.”

The stigma against these gentle, incredibly affectionate dogs needs to end NOW.

Note: Make sure to screen before deeming appropriate for small hoomans. At 6:38, some footage of Timber’s original injuries may be too much for tiny tots to handle.

Written by: Lisa Bernier

September 22, 2014