7 Times This Pitbull Blew Our Minds With These Unbelievable Tricks

Bootsy the Pitbull is the bomb - a bomb falling from incredible heights. Bootsy has serious ups. Let's do a quick MJ comparison before we begin: Michael Jordan - The Greatest MJ dunk gif Bootsy - The Bestest pitbull frisbee 7 Not too shabby, Bootsy. Here are 7 other breath-taking Bootsy tricks. Enjoy! 1. The 360. pitbull frisbee 1 2. Through the legs. pitbull frisbee 2 3. Full back-flip ... pitbull frisbee 8 4. To the left ... pitbull frisbee 3 [bp_related_article] 5. To the right ... pitbull frisbee 4 6. Off the chest ... pitbull frisbee 5 7. Hang time ... pitbull frisbee 9 To see a whole video of Bootsy at work (play?) check out the video below.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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