One Hashtag Aims To Change The World’s View On Pit Bulls

These dogs might not need vision correction, but perhaps we do! How do you view Pit Bulls? Do you see them as their natural loyal, fun, goofy selves, or are you looking at them through a distorted lens? Pittie2020 That's just the question that Project Blue Collar poses via their #Pittie2020 initiative, a 5-year social media photo contest in collaboration with Fetch Eyewear and Jolly Pets featuring pawtraits of furnomenal bespeckled Pit Bulls. flamengo By submitting your #Pittie2020 tagged photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you can win some pretty rebarkable prizes! Each monthly photo contest winner receives a $125 gift certificate from Fetch Eyewear and a $25 gift certificate from Project Blue Collar. Pittie2020 Plus, a donation of toys from Jolly Pets (minimum of $150 value) and 20% of the sales from will go to a Pit Bull rescue of the winner’s choice. AND! No purchase is necessary to enter. Pittie2020 Carole Feeny and Kristin Waters, co-founders of Project Blue Collar, unleash their goals:
“We came up with the idea because we need more people to have a shared vision of what wonderful dogs pit bulls truly are. We want to encourage people to show Pit Bulls in happy, goofy ways because we feel that humor and levity can open people to learning more about this often-misunderstood breed. We are exhausted by the discrimination faced by pit bulls and their responsible owners, so we wanted to use our reach to send a positive message about them."
Pittie2020 Long-term hopes for the #Pittie2020 campaign include merchandise benefiting Pit Bull rescues, an educational portal about Pit Bulls, and expanded pawtnerships with groups who are fellow Pit Bull advocates. pitbullsun So get online, pups, and share the Pit Bull love!
H/t to and featured image by Pittie2020

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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