When This Family Fostered A Deaf Pittie, They Never Expected Her To Save Their Lives

Super sweet Dulce is a deaf Pit Bull--Dalmatian mix who has given her foster family more than the gift of cuddles and ruv---she's given them the gift of life. [bp_related_article] Last month, Dulce woke up her foster mom and dad, who live in Ohio, very early in the morning. What her foster humans didn't know, but she did, was that the furnace had gone out and was blowing carbon monoxide into the house. dulce Dulce's foster mom, Ashley Shuckerow, said on Facebook:
The whole reason why we both got up early this morning was because she woke up scratching and whining in her crate---before our alarm clock even went off. She normally sleeps like a rock (remember, she is deaf!) and doesn't ever make a peep until we're up moving around and turning on lights.
There are an average of 439 carbon monoxide related deaths each year. Ashley and her family may have been among those deaths had it not been for Dulce. When Ashley got up to see what was wrong with the dog, she realized that the house was freezing and that there was a problem with the furnace. dulce Watch Dulce's foster mom talk about her life-saving foster pup in the video below: Remember, Dulce is available for adoption. This little sweetheart can be yours if you are the right family for her. She is available through Mercy's Door Pet Rescue, located in Savannah, Ohio. They do consider out of state adoptions, but you must be willing to meet with Dulce first. They want to make sure that you are the perfect human for her, after all. You can fill out an adoption application for Dulce or any of the other available pups at Mercy's Door Rescue via their website.
h/t WKYC.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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