Two Pitties Met and Fell in Love, So Their Humans Got Married

Written by: Laura Hartle

October 6, 2014

In a move worthy of Pongo and Perdita, Pit Bulls Blu and Lucy played the role of Cupid quite well for their humans. It’s a typical love story: boy meets girl, girl sniff’s boy’s butt, they both live happily ever after.

giphy (4)

Newlyweds Anthony and Jenny had no idea what they were getting into when their pups met and fell in love at the park one day, but the dogs were inseparable, and eventually they just had to follow in their paw prints.


From the bride:

Lucy and I were heading home from our normal after-work walk one night and bumped into Anthony and Blu walking on my block. The dogs started playing, and we ended up chatting for about an hour. Neither of us could believe we only lived two blocks away (for years!), and it was the first time we met! We continued meeting up for regular early Sunday morning trips to Central Park… then walks around the neighborhood… then meals together… then spending entire weekends together… and then Anthony and Blu moved in and we were looking for a place for our pack to live together!


The pack eventually moved out of the city (“So the dogs could have a yard,” Jenny quips), but the pups’ Central Park playdates made a return appearance for the proposal. Anthony took Jenny back to where their story began to pop the question–with a little helping paw from Blu and Lucy, of course! So, when it came time to plan the wedding, it’s no surprise that these pup parents opted to include lots of doggy details. Just look at this sneak peek from Flora + Fauna:

We are drooling over these shots from Feuza Reis Studios:

From the cake…



To the attire…




To the favors…

As Pittie advocates and proud rescue parents, Jenny and Anthony ditched the lame traditional Jordan almonds for donations to the New York Bully Crew.


Did we mention the cake? ‘Cause there’s more!



Quite the likeness!


The pup pair helped Mom and Dad make it down the aisle…


And helped ’em celebrate their new chapter…


A rescue story that ends with a wedding? Sounds like a happily ever after for everyone!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 6.40.31 PM

Feeling inspired? Jenny has a few tips for couples looking to include their pups in wedding festivities:

Choose The Right Venue. We were lucky enough to have an amazing wedding coordinator at our venue, who worked with us so our dogs could be present. We had ample outdoor space as well as a spot where the dogs could get away from the chaos until our dog walker arrived to transport them home.

Think About The Dogs’ Comfort If You Choose To Dress Them. We wanted our dogs to wear something festive, but also wanted them to be comfortable. For Blu, it was a simple velcro collar with an attached bow tie and matching velcro cuffs. For Lucy, it was a homemade tutu with a belt that matched mine. They thanked us for not dressing them up in a full suit and full wedding dress and veil, as originally planned!

Pick The Right Person To “Handle” Your Dogs. Your wedding day will be busier than you think, and you won’t be able to pay as much attention to your dogs as you’d like. Choose a trusted person who is comfortable with your dogs and will make sure they are taken care of. We chose one of Anthony’s groomsmen, who has two rescued Pitties of his own. He successfully walked Blu and Lucy down the aisle without having them run to meet Anthony at the altar or chase any squirrels along the way!

Maintain A Sense Of Humor. Even the best behaved and most photogenic dogs may not listen–especially to your photographer… don’t expect your wedding pics to come out perfectly if your dogs are in them. Also, don’t expect your dress/suit to be perfectly clean if your dogs are part of your big day.

After waiting out a rain shower, Anthony and I did our “first look” down on the (very wet) lawn. We took a few photos and realized the dogs were watching us from the deck in the distance. They saw us react to seeing them and came bounding toward us at full speed. Lucy was especially happy to see me, and awarded me with a muddy paw print in the middle of my dress. We laughed it off and realized it truly represented our lives… as dog parents, we proudly wear paw prints, slobber, and hair!

Bring Treats. Bribery works on your wedding day too!

Featured Image via Fueza Reis Studios

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Written by: Laura Hartle

October 6, 2014

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