Happiest Dog Alive Is Overflowing With Love, And He’s Waited Two Years For A Family

Written by: Arin Greenwood

March 22, 2016

*** Update, July 25, 2016 ***

We could not be more thrilled for this news: Tully has a home.

Trish Lane with Road to Home Rescue Support tells us that Tully is with a wonderful foster family, and if all goes well — paws crossed! — they will adopt him.

Congratulations, good boy. We think you are going to love every second of your new life.


*** Update, July 19, 2016 ***

Tully went to the beach recently, with a human who adores him. He was nervous for the first few steps, then “spent the next 20 minutes swimming like a champ,” says Kat Kavanagh, a volunteer with Road to Home Rescue Support and one of Tully’s biggest fans.

Tully loves to swim. He loves to play. He loves to be with people, and to try out new things.

“Everything is exciting to him,” says Kat. “Tully runs and plays as if he’s making up for lost time. The truth is, he is.”

That’s because at three years old now, this gorgeous, friendly boy is still waiting for a home of his own.

Of late, Tully has been in a foster home. He’s been great, of course; he is a great dog. But his foster mom is leaving the country soon, and Tully will have to go back into a boarding kennel if no one comes forward to adopt him, or take him in as a foster.

This is how Tully feels about boarding:

2 Tully in boarding

We’d love to see Tully land somewhere wonderful, and permanent.

He deserves it. The family lucky enough to get this enthusiastic guy deserves it, too.

Here’s Tully’s adoption info, once again, via Road to Home Rescue Support:

Tully is on Long Island, NY. Tully is a LOVEBUG but is currently dog reactive due to years of stress in shelter and boarding, so his trainers have said he MUST be the ONLY pet – NO DOGS. NO CATS.
He loves kids, but bigger kids 10+ due to his size. Approved adopters meet Tully to ensure a good fit so Tully will NOT be transported outside of the North East. Also in case of emergency, he needs to be able to get back to NY. The rescue has these guidelines based on past experiences and they are in Tully’s best interest. Tully CAN be adopted in ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA and MD
Please contact [email protected]

*** Original story ***

Tully was eight months old when he found himself in a Long Island animal shelter. He’s 2.5 years old now, and still waiting for the right someone to take him home.

That right someone’s going to be awfully lucky once they do.

“Everyone who has met Tully falls in love with him,” says Elyse Giurco, co-founder of Road to Home Rescue Support. “We know he will be the happiest dog alive once he has a home and someone to love.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.48.51 PM

The handsome, gentle dog came into the shelter as a skinny stray in June 2014. Almost a year later, he was still there, and since shelters can be chaotic and overwhelming, he was showing signs of deteriorating.

Road to Home Rescue Support got Tully out of the shelter and into a kennel, where he proved himself to be easy-going, independent, and fun.

Plus photogenic — photographer Sophie Gamand took one of her famous flower crown photos of Tully:


Tully loves to splash in kiddie pools and roll around on the couch. He’s great with kids.

And “despite living life as a stray and a shelter dog, he has wonderful house manners. Loves to ride in the car and sits quietly in the back seat like a perfect gentleman,” says Elyse.

But Tully still hasn’t been adopted.

There’s been a lot of inquiries. Tully has to be an only dog, though, which rules out a lot of the people who’d have otherwise wanted to take him home. While we’re being frank: Tully’s not great with cats, either.


Still, Elyse is feeling optimistic that someone will see the incredible dog she knows Tully to be, and give him his first — and hopefully last — real home. Complete with kiddie pools, and couches, and all the love this good dog deserves.

Says Elyse:

Tully is meant to be with people. To give and receive love, to experience the simple comforts of home. A bed, a few toys, playtime and nap time in one place, forever.


Tully has a Facebook page where you can see more photos and videos. Here’s his adoption listing.

Tully can be adopted in New York or out of state — fill out an adoption application here!

Featured image via A Home For Tully/Facebook

Written by: Arin Greenwood

March 22, 2016