You’ll Never Guess Where This Drug-Sniffing K-9 Nailed A Bad Guy

Written by: Stephanie Figy

December 19, 2014

Since recently joining the force to pawtect and serve, drug K-9 Aik has helped make several arrests. He’s only been working with Miami County sheriff’s deputy Joe Gentile for a few months, but Gentile says the dog already has his back.

“It’s a dog. It’s not a human, so it’s easy to say they don’t understand what’s going on, but they do,” Gentile says.


Aik is trained to sniff out marijuana, cocaine, meth, and heroine. Aik helped perform one of the most efficient drug arrests Gentile has ever made recently. They stopped at the sheriff’s department for a bathroom break.

The pair got out of the vehicle, and it wasn’t long before Aik sniffed out trouble, and ran toward a truck.”He basically made a bee line for that truck, actually jumped up on it,” Gentile said. There were 2 grams of marijuana in the cigarette box of the truck – not what you usually find in the parking lot of the sheriff’s department! Gentile walked the passenger into the jail and booked him. This was Aik’s eighth arrest in three weeks.


But it’s not all work and no play for Aik, who rolls onto his back for belly rubs from time to time. “Deep down, he’s a big baby,” Gentile says.


Gentile hopes that this is just the start of a career partnership with Aik.

H/T and Images via WTHR

Written by: Stephanie Figy

December 19, 2014