Poetic Police Officer Pens Cautionary Tale For Curious Canines After Rescuing A Trapped Dog

Roses are red Violets are blue Hope the dog took a bit of a tumble into a deep hole earlier this week And here's what ensued: 2016055734f50d688f3 Hope was quickly rescued by brave officers from the Upper Makefield Township Police Department, in Newtown, Pennsylvania -- one member of which, Harry Vitello, memorialized the dog's adventures with a poem-cum-cautionary tale posted to Facebook.  


Today, in mid afternoon while on patrol We were dispatched to the canal for a family dog stuck in a hole

A dip in the cool water with a short swim to the shore, Turned into something bigger than this dog ever bargained for Now stuck underground she appeared to be in bad shape, But when so many came to her aid the plot unfolded to plan her escape Hope, a rescue dog, was eventually freed Looking no worse for wear, Reunited with her owner who loves her beyond compare A cautionary tale this is for all those curious canines Please be careful when you follow your nose For you might end up in precarious confines or in our police Facebook page headlines 13151814_538038119708788_5869730441893373967_n (1)

Hope is evidently impervious to public humiliation. Her mom Jennifer Bonfrisco posted to the Upper Makefield Township Police Department Facebook page that Hope "is a complete fool! She wants to climb back in that hole."

Yes, Hope is indeed the "thing with feathers" -- or at least the thing that wants to go places where you'd need feathers (and wings) to safely escape without police assistance.

We'll report back when the apparently inevitable Dog Rescue Poem part II goes live.

Update, May 14, 2016: We have just heard from Hope's mom Jennifer, and this has gone from a silly but touching little tale to one that's got us nearly in tears (in a good way!).

Hope and Jennifer had just moved to town the day before this rescue, Jennifer tells us. And Hope herself had only been adopted a month prior.

"She had been neglected by a previous owner and was starved. A kind woman talked the owner into letting her take the dog," says Jennifer. "Then I got her. I have been loving her and nursing her back to health."

Hope got her name, because hope is what Jennifer feels for this dog's future.

"I name all girls in my life Hope. My daughter's middle name is also Hope," she says.

The hole Hope fell into was dug by a beaver on the edge of a canal where the dog had been swimming. Jennifer did not have tools or shovels to get Hope out of the hole -- and she'd lost her voice in the midst of the move.

She was worried that Hope was in life-threatening danger -- that she was going to drown.

"So I sat on the canal edge crying in a sick voice, 'please someone help,'" Jennifer says. A passerby heard her cry, and "didn't hesitate to swim over through the dirty canal. And he dug a hole so the pup could breathe until the police came for help."

"It was really awful, but the story embodies hope and community. It may have indeed been a sign for me. Hope and love exists."

We're glad you're safe, Hope. Now do your mom a favor and stay that way, would you good girl? You've got a lot of living to do!

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Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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