Pomeranian Runs Miami And This Photo Series Proves It

Tomás Werner’s first book is a series of over a hundred bright and beautiful photographs of a Pomeranian posing around Miami—and it’s even better than it sounds.

A Handbook for Dog Walkers began while the artist was in between jobs and living in Miami. “Having lots of free time, I started to look after my friend’s dog. It didn’t take long before I started photographing him, often placing him on various kinds of pedestals,” Werner writes.

His studio (lit by the unbeatable Florida sunshine) is Miami in all its stylized, art deco glory. The prop? A handsome Pomeranian named Q. In fact, Werner says, “Q would be always eager to pose, it almost seemed like he was waiting to be photographed.”

The photos are fun, festive and compelling, the city makes the perfect backdrop, and Q radiates charm and warmth like only a Pom posing in the sun can!

And considering all the places he has “marked” while on his walks, it’s no wonder Q looks like he owns the place!

Buy a copy of A Handbook for Dog Walkers at GOST books, and definitely check out more of Tomás Werner’s photography at his site and Facebook page!

Featured Image via Tomás Werner

Zoe Costello

7 years ago