Mini Poodle Valiantly Protects His Baby Sister From… Really Loud Air

**Note from this pup's human and baby's mother: I'm a professional dog groomer. The dryer we're using is special for dogs and does not produce heat and is also not as loud as it seems. [...] [The dog] just doesn't like it. No dog does. Trust me. But he takes it in stride and is always -handsomely- rewarded after a good wash and dry. Eekichi the little Poodle never much liked the hair dryer, though he's gotten his hair cut by his groomer mom for as long as he can remember. But when his brand new sister was suddenly in the line of fire warm air? [bp_related_article] Everything changed. Eekichi throws himself over the tiny bald puppy to shield her from danger. And oh, how cute it is. Check out Eekichi and his favorite human on Facebook!
h/t Good Morning America, featured image via xoxemergencyy/YouTube

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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