Poodle Army Walking Like Trained Soldiers Is The Cutest Revolution Ever

You know that annoying friend of yours? The one who makes you feel bad about how your dog can only do basic tricks like sit and stay, while their dogs can roll over, play dead, fetch the newspaper, and you know, march in exquisitely choreographed military formation and perform multiplication?

Sitting pretty (and obediently). dogs sitting

No? Well, if you're a friend of Mr. Dai and his five poodle army, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Mr. Dai told China Central Television that he started training his dogs seriously after one of them (who will remain nameless, although we can confirm its name is Duo Bi) committed the egregious faux paws of jumping up onto a table and knocking over a friend's drink. Since then, Mr. Dai has been training all of his dogs in a variety of areas. The Poodles know how to lie down, how to walk on their hind legs, and even how to do math. When asked what two times three is, Duo Bi barks six times. (I checked the math, like, four times. The dog is right.)

These dogs know how to lie down, bark out math problems, and just generally be awesome.

These dogs know how to lay down, bark out math problems, and just generally be awesome. A pedestrian caught a segment of their training session on camera, which you can watch below:
h/t Daily Mail

Katie Kirnan

6 years ago

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