These New Poop Bags Are The Sh*t

When it comes to poop bags, I have very specific requirements. Will it rip easily? Is it too transparent? Can I feel the poop too much? Granted, I'm a very practical person and if poop-bag less, will use any object on the street that's (sort of) clean to do my duty as a responsible dog parent. I'm also absent-minded and forget to grab a bag a lot, so this situation happens more often than I would like.


Does a high-functioning, MEMORABLE poop bag exist? No. So when BARK decided to make a poop bag, I threw down that gauntlet. Literally, I said, "Make one that doesn't let me feel like I'm holding poop that also makes me laugh and also I won't forget all the time." Did they look at me like I was crazy? Maybe. Did I say, "no I'm serious, do this." Also maybe. After a few months of R&D and me giving probably a lot of unnecessary, uninvited feedback, they plopped this on my desk: [caption id="attachment_127011" align="alignnone" width="1500"] not my desk but my desk is a mess, so i'm not showing that in public, you cray???[/caption] "Try it," they said. "We knocked it out of the park," they said. So I tried it. And I agreed--they did. [caption id="attachment_127013" align="alignnone" width="1500"] objects in image are the exact size as they appear. yes, that poopmoji fit into the bag.[/caption] Flexible enough to open easily, but not tissue thin? Check. [caption id="attachment_127014" align="alignnone" width="1500"] Sizing measurement via the Lisa practical scale[/caption] Affordable and accessible? DOUBLE CHECK. Funny AF so I actually WANT to walk around with these as an accessory? Check. Added bonus: Great conversation starter with random, hot, potentially single dog lovers passing by on the street. I also ran them by my dog. They are Andi-approved. [caption id="attachment_127012" align="alignnone" width="4032"] She only sticks her tongue out at things she likes, guys (also she maybe tried to eat it)[/caption] Available on (you can SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE, Y'ALL) for $13.97, 15 rolls per box, 300 bags per roll. Get them. I did. You'll never look at poop bags the same way again.

Lisa Bernier

3 years ago

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