These New Poop Bags Are The Sh*t

Written by: Lisa Bernier

August 31, 2018

When it comes to poop bags, I have very specific requirements. Will it rip easily? Is it too transparent? Can I feel the poop too much?

Granted, I’m a very practical person and if poop-bag less, will use any object on the street that’s (sort of) clean to do my duty as a responsible dog parent. I’m also absent-minded and forget to grab a bag a lot, so this situation happens more often than I would like.


Does a high-functioning, MEMORABLE poop bag exist? No. So when BARK decided to make a poop bag, I threw down that gauntlet. Literally, I said, “Make one that doesn’t let me feel like I’m holding poop that also makes me laugh and also I won’t forget all the time.” Did they look at me like I was crazy? Maybe. Did I say, “no I’m serious, do this.” Also maybe.

After a few months of R&D and me giving probably a lot of unnecessary, uninvited feedback, they plopped this on my desk:

not my desk but my desk is a mess, so i’m not showing that in public, you cray???

“Try it,” they said. “We knocked it out of the park,” they said.

So I tried it. And I agreed–they did.

objects in image are the exact size as they appear. yes, that poopmoji fit into the bag.

Flexible enough to open easily, but not tissue thin? Check.

Sizing measurement via the Lisa practical scale

Affordable and accessible? DOUBLE CHECK.

Funny AF so I actually WANT to walk around with these as an accessory? Check.

Added bonus: Great conversation starter with random, hot, potentially single dog lovers passing by on the street.

I also ran them by my dog. They are Andi-approved.

She only sticks her tongue out at things she likes, guys (also she maybe tried to eat it)

Available on (you can SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE, Y’ALL) for $13.97, 15 rolls per box, 300 bags per roll. Get them. I did. You’ll never look at poop bags the same way again.

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Written by: Lisa Bernier

August 31, 2018

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