Dependable Porcupine Takes Her Dog Bro For His Potty Time Through The Snow

***Please note that we don't recommend keeping porcupines as pets. Maude and her BFF live in a wildlife sanctuary where they are looked after by trained caretakers. Dragging yourself out of your warm bed to walk the dog can be ruff, especially when its 23 degrees, dark and snowy out. Maude the porcupine has the responsibility of guiding one of her doggie brothers on his daily walk, rain or shine.
Every morning Maude walks the dog, comes in for breakfast, and then it's nap time. A Porcupine with a routine. Posted by BEAR League on Sunday, January 24, 2016
A staff member of the BEAR League assures everyone that:
Maude would never harm any of the dogs... she grew up with them. And they don't attack or bite her (and thereby the quills stuck in their faces). Everyone gets along splendidly.
Maude and her many canine siblings have lots of adventures at the BEAR League sanctuary. You can follow them on Facebook.
Feature image via BEAR League/Facebook.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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