Pregnant Dog Works It For The Camera One Day Before Giving Birth

Meet Lilica. This proud pregnant girl's humans enlisted Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo to capture her just one day before her five puppies entered this world. Grillo told Bored Panda that the shoot only took 20 minutes and that she felt she understood the mama-to-be completely, and Lilica's owners are proud to announce that all five of her new fur kids have found homes. [bp_related_article] As you can see, Lilica has no shame in showing off her baby bump. She knows she's still cute as a button and she can still give those googly eyes. She also knows that there isn't a soul who wouldn't give her an extra treat, pet, or belly rub. 1. "You have no idea how hard it is to itch that spot." Lilica 2. "This smile's a bit brighter because these puppies are almost out of me!" Lilica   3. "I think it's time for me to get my nails did." Lilica 4. "Just one more nap, then maybe I'll get up." Lilica 5. "Is that bacon I smell? I'm eating for six now." Lilica   6. "I seem to be a bit weighed down at the moment." Lilica   Of course we think Lilica and her baby belly are pawfect and we're thrilled all her pups have loving families, but we still know how important it is to get your pets spayed and neutered. There are a lot of pups out there looking for good homes, and you might even give the BarkBuddy app a whirl to find that special someone.

Feature Image: Anna Fotografia/Facebook

H/T: Bored Panda

Michella Ventres

6 years ago

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