Princess Of A Pup Who Has Spent 1000 Days Without A Home Wants To Give You Kisses

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

December 3, 2015

Meet Princess the Bulldog.

princess 1

She’s a big goofball who loves belly rubs and toys. She loves her toys so much that she often insists on taking them for walks. Although, her current humans bribe her with treats to give up the toys, so this toy thing could be an elaborate ruse to get some noms.

Princess, who is a mixed breed, also has a lot of sadness in her heart. After six years, her owners surrendered her to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Phoenix, AZ. She had been with them her entire life, but they didn’t take her with them when they moved somewhere new.

princess 2

Two separate people adopted Princess from the shelter, but they both returned her. The sweet girl became very scared and depressed and spent her days staring at a wall. She cheered up when people came near her, but was saddened that no one wanted to save her and bring her home.

princess 3

She thought no one would ever come for her, but Elena Bobu from Rescue Pals took her in. Now, Princess lives in a boarding facility and is well loved. She enjoys naps and snoring. Although people care for her, she is still sad that she does not have a family to share her goofy antics with.

princess 4

Princess doesn’t know why no one wants her. She is healthy and ruvs people more than she loves treats and toys (which she loves, a lot). She does need to be the only pup in the home.

If you are interested in rescuing this Princess and taking her home to your castle, contact [email protected] and visit her website and Facebook.

h/t iheartdogs.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

December 3, 2015