This Prison Pup Wagged Their Tail So Hard It Broke!

Have you ever wondered if your pup could wag their tail so hard they break it? That’s exactly what happened to one of the guard dogs at the Scottish Prison Service in Scotland. 


The poor dog injured itself after wagging its tail with excessive vigor, reports Deadline News. In fact, the canine suffers from a “repetitive tail-wagging injury” or also known as “happy tail syndrome”.


Happy tail is also referred to as “kennel tail,” “splitting tail,” or “bleeding tail” because of what happens to the tail when wagged rapidly.

dog wagging tail

A happy tail happens when a dog wags its tail so excitedly that the tail hits a hard surface and causes serious damage, sometimes leaving the tail scrapped and bloody.


Dr. Marty Becker wrote in Vet Street that smaller dogs or dogs with short tails “are less likely to suffer this type of injury”.

Happy tail

The Scottish Prison Service recently revealed documents that provided information on workplace injuries suffered by their guard dogs, said Deadline News. In 2013, 11 of their dogs have been injured while on the job with one of them diagnosed with a “repetitive tail-wagging injury” in November 2014.

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According to the Vet Street blog post, bandaging the tail can help the healing process as it prevents the tail from any further injury. Unfortunately, some dogs just can’t stop wagging their tails so enthusiastically that amputation is the only solution to preventing further injury.

Gracie - dog

Featured image via Deadline News

Sources: Deadline News, VetStreet

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago