5 GIFs That Simplify Protecting Your Pets From The Winter Weather

Written by: People Pets

February 12, 2015

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You heard Punxsutawney Phil: We have six more weeks of winter weather ahead of us.

As you bundle up against February’s brutal mix of ice, wind and snow, it’s important to think about keeping your pets protected as well. Just like us, dogs, cats and other critters need a little help to stay warm and safe during harsh weather conditions.

Thankfully, the ASCPA is here to lend a paw. To assist pet owners with this responsibility, the non-profit has come up with five easy-to-follow tips that will keep your furry buddies (and strays looking for a way to keep warm) insulated against any kind of wintery mix.






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Written by: People Pets

February 12, 2015