12 Signs That You’re The Proudest Pup Parent On The Block

Written by: Regina Lizik

June 1, 2015

We all love our dogs. That’s a fact. Some of us, though, go a little out of our way to show everyone exactly how much we adore our pooches.

It’s not that we’re bragging, it’s just that we’re super proud and honored to be blessed with such an amazing furball.

(Okay, maybe we’re humblebragging a tiny bit.)

Here are 12 signs that you’re really, really, REALLY proud to have the bestest dog on the planet.

1. Your dog has his own Instagram account because of course he does.

2. You talk about your dog so much that whenever you open your mouth people are just like:


3. You’re a member of every Facebook group and message board related to your dog’s breed just so that you can show other pawrents how exceptional your pup is.

dog on facebook

4. Your superstar has his own Facebook page because you know his fans need a place to share their undying devotion.

5. You dog is always rockin’ bowties or hair bows to show off their immense sense of pawsonal style.

6. Your house is a shrine to your dog’s breed.

Shabby Chic Weenie


7. You feel bad for people when they gloat about how their dog is the best dog ever. They’re wrong. Yours is.



8. Every night you curl up with your pup and tell him how much you love him and how incredibly lucky you are to have him in your life. You rescued him, but he rescued you, too.

9. You take your dog to work with you because you know that everyone needs to experience the extreme joy (and farts) he brings to the world.

10. You throw ‘barkday’ pawties for your dog and invite the whole neighborhood.

11. When people don’t stop you on the street to tell you that your pup is beautiful, you wonder what their damage is.

what is wrong with you

12. You not so slyly work your dog’s photo into articles you write.


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Written by: Regina Lizik

June 1, 2015

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