This is What a Pug Halloween Party Looks Like

What happens when you get over 60 pugs together for a Halloween party? It’s an explosion of Smooshed-faced cuteness!

More than 60 pugs from in and around New York City gathered at Animal Haven for the 9th Annual NYC Pug Meetup Halloween Party. Everyone brought their A-games, with big prizes on the line. The pugs raised money for Curly Tail Pug Rescue & Animal Haven.

To pre-game, Finn the Shark makes a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for a some much-needed Munchkins.

photo via Finn the Pug

Oh look. It’s Chef Hamilton. Picture time, boys.

Lenny the Elephant fulfills his duties as master of ceremonies.

photo via NYC Pug Meetup

Checking out the new arrivals.

Calypso runs on Dunkin.

Not this pug. He prefers Fritos.

Lennon, dressed as John Lennon, took home “Best in Show.”

While Bailey the Baby took home “Cutest.”

Princess Leia and Darth Vader waited patiently to be judged.

Yoda was there.

And so was AT-AT.

Pixel, winner of the “scariest” award, strutted her stuff as Michonne from “The Walking Dead.”

Wonderwoman-pug enjoys the parade.

Chef Hamilton sizes up the competition.

Giraffe pug is adorable. And loves a good selfie opportunity.

photo via NYC Pug Meetup

Meet the pug known as Shaq. He weighs 50 pounds!

photo via NYC Pug Meetup


One-half of “Pirates of the Carribean” shows off her treasure chest.

“Why are we all dressed up?” said the worried pug.

photo via NYC Pug Meetup

Mr. T has quite the fan club watching him.

photo via NYC Pug Meetup

Gus went as “Girl’s Best Friend” and was dressed just like his human.

Lederhosen has never looked better.

photo via NYC Pug Meetup

Taco Pug makes a beeline to the food table. Obviously.

The Headless Horseman was a crowd favorite.

These three are relieved to be naked again.

Who ya gonna call? GHOSTPUG!

photo via NYC Pug Meetup

Chloe, as a beautiful butterfly.

He wishes he was eating M&M’s instead of being dressed up as one.

Costume-less pugs are happy pugs.

Happy Halloween from the NYC Pug Meetup!

photo via NYC Pug Meetup

Dr. Katy Nelson

9 years ago