Pug Just Wanting To Cuddle Is Us After Watching 30 Seconds Of A Horror Movie

Ever have one of those nights where you're bored and decide to scare the boredom out of yourself by watching some good ol' horror movies? Yeah, every day for us, too. But after 30 seconds (sometimes sooner) into these daily viewings, we realize we've made a horrible mistake and have to quickly search up some Reddit Eye Bleach to bring us back to normality. The Pug in the below video, however, proposes a different tactic to cure those post-horror-movie-viewings. For this dog, the answer is simply: CUDDLE AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. Constantly trying to edge as close to his owner as he can, the poor guy just wants a good snuggle time. His owner, on the other hand, is unfortunately uninterested in such an experience, but that doesn't stop the Pug from trying to get a good snuggle in there. [bp_related_article] Hopefully his human will one day warm up to his cuddling habits. Either that, or this Pug will have to cut back on the horror movie viewings.

h/t Emergency Pugs/Facebook

Adam Samuel

6 years ago

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