Pug Breaks The Internet Harder Than Kim Kardashian Ever Could

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 9, 2015

It’s no secret that we love Doug The Pug around here. We didn’t even think it was possible to love this meatball more. Then Doug had to go and team up with Mashable in a series of internet breaking photos reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s sexiest poses.

Watch the video and check out our favorite selfies below.

1. #TongueOutTuesday

pug kim kardashian 5

2. Do you think I’m sexy?

pug kim kardashian 4

3. Of course they’re real! Stop judging!

pug kim kardashian 2


4. I am stunningly beautiful. Don’t you think?

pug kardashian 3

5. It’s time to pawty! Where my girls at?

pug kim kardashian

h/t Bored Panda.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 9, 2015