Roly Poly Smushface Helps to Ease this Woman’s Grief

Losing a pup is heartbreaking, no bones about it. The best thing that can happen is when other people and pooches understand, and are there to support. This boyfriend goes above and beyond when it comes to consoling his grieving girlfriend. He knows while nothing can replace her lost dog, what could help ease her pain more than a certain smushy puppy face? You might wanna get the tissues out for this one, folks. Note: We believe puppies should be carefully considered before they’re brought home but it looks like this pup’s life will be filled with so much gentle kindness and love. (Paws crossed the next time this guy and gal bring a dog into their life, they use BarkBuddy.) ;)
h/t to Life With Dogs

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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