The Night Pugs Take Over Twitter

Every Wednesday, pugs and their humans all across the land fire up their computers and smartphones to participate in #PugChat, the revolutionary Twitter discussion that has been redefining the boundaries of cuteness.


It works like this: Hamilton Pug, the handsome and sociable New York City pup, calls the meeting to order and moderates the chat, asking a series of pugged-out questions.
Inquiries range from “Do you throw your pug a birthday party?” to “How did you come up with your pug’s name?” Pugs and their people everywhere tweet out their responses, including #PugChat in their answers.


And the pictures that come with those tweets? Forget about it! It’s so much adorbs in one hour. It’s as if pugs are wallpapering the Twitter universe with photos of themselves. One week, #PugChat was even trending on Twitter, a true sign of pug world dominance.


Confused? Don’t be. Read about how #PugChat works and then come join Hamilton every Wednesday night at 7pm EST!


Hamilton gets the ball rolling with introductions.

Then the questions start: How do you deal with pug’s shedding? (Always remember to end your tweets with #PugChat so everyone can follow along.)



What is your pug’s goofiest habit?

How does you pug deal with the winter blues?

Does your pug have any funny sleeping habits?



Does your pug like wearing clothes?


What is your pug’s favorite snack or treat?

How does your pug prefer to travel?

Do you throw your pug a birthday party?


What does your pug do when you are making dinner?

How does your pug greet guests?

Does your pug have any special tricks?


How did you name your pug?


And then, once the chat nears an end, Hamilton Pug announces the winner of sponsored prizes. He’s like the Oprah Winfrey of pug dogs.

See you next time!

Dr. Katy Nelson

8 years ago