Gorgeous And Goofy Rescue Pup Is Changing The Way People Think About Pit Bulls

People have stereotyped Pit Bull and Pit Bull mix dogs for many years, with attitudes about their perceived viciousness and the alleged danger they pose to children and other pets. According to Esquire, "2,000 to 3,000 Pitbulls are killed everyday." Now a dog lover in Florida is on a mission (with the help of his new pooch) to help fight this breed's bad reputation. Meet Vered one of the happiest Pitbulls in the world. Vered Vered started out as a stray wandering the streets in Florida until the Humane Society of Tampa Bay took her in. When she arrived at the shelter, they saw she had recently given birth and believed her to have most likely come from a puppy mill. Overall, she wasn't in horrendous shape, coming in a little underweight and testing positive for Heartworm; a treatable disease. She did show signs of emotional trauma by hiding under her owner's bed and when she broke free from her metal crate on the first day. Vered Vered did settle eventually, and her owner Dani said:
My goal for her was to make her the friendliest pup around so I ask everyone I meet with her to say hi and give her a treat.
Now this pup is no longer afraid and flourishes when meeting new people. She is so relaxed at home that she lounges across the bed instead of under it. Vered has even discovered a love for the little things in life, like sunbathing on the patio. Vered Dani is determined to change the bad reputation of Pit Bulls. He takes Vered everywhere he goes, making sure everyone gets some of her love. He is hopeful that people will see how awesome she is and realize that so many Pit Bull stereotypes are just not true. The Huffington Post cited many of those false stereotypes: * Pit Bulls are not inherently vicious * Pit Bulls are not breed for fighting * Pit Bulls do not have locking jaws * Pit Bulls are not bad with kids * Pit Bulls are not bad with other animals * Pit Bulls do not eventually turn on their owners Vered Adam Goldberg, a former manager for the Photography Program at Humane Society of Broward County who is trying to give back to the animal community by inspiring others to photograph rescue dogs, had a chance to meet Vered. [bp_related_article] Adam met her for a photoshoot and described her as "such a sweetheart" and posted the to his website A Gold Photo, which we have shared with you here. Vered Vered has surely changed the hearts and minds of many people as she works to spread the word about the true soul of a Pit Bull.

Feature Image via A Gold Photo

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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