Bomb-Sniffing Pups Discover Hellfire Missiles On A Plane Bound For America

Bomb-sniffing dogs at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport discovered two missiles in the cargo hold of an Air Serbia flight that was bound for Portland, Oregon. Although these missiles were designed to be fired from a helicopter, they can be launched from air, sea, or land.


One of the pups, pictured in this article, is named Misteri. He’s been a detection dog for 10 years and his expert skills make him a true hero.

Each of these air-to-surface missiles has a range of 26,000 feet. They can destroy armored vehicles, bunkers, and, of course, soft targets – which include schools, shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants etc…

misteri 1

The FBI is still investigating the incident and has not yet released any further information. One thing is certain, these keen nosed pups saved hundreds of lives.

h/t RT.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago