Clever Pup Doesn’t Want To Dog, Decides He Is People Instead

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 2, 2016

Chiko is a Shiba Inu. As such, he’s very smart and doesn’t think he should have to do regular “dog things.” He thinks he should be able to do human things – like watch YouTube while wearing headphones.

Chiko lives in Hong Kong with his mom. This clever pup is only six months old and he already knows the basic tricks, plus he knows to pray, “bang,” crawl, and he also knows how to sit like a human.

chiko and mom

His human did not teach him this trick. He did it all by himself. He must love his mom so much that he wants to be exactly like her and sit just like she does!

Chiko is a big movie and TV buff. Seriously, you can’t drag this pup away from YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu.

He’s always got his popcorn handy.

He is extremely well behaved and quite the gentleman.

He says his prayers like a good boy.

He has excellent table manners.

And even though he has a TV addiction, he does spend lots of time playing outdoors.

Playtime makes him very happy.

But if he gets fussy, his mom has a solution for that.

Chiko, on the other hand, prefers to drown any sorrows he may have by throwing back a nice cold one.

Acting like a human is very exhausting and sometimes Chiko needs to recharge overnight.

Chiko’s human says that he is the best dog she’s ever known and it’s pretty clear that they both ruv each other to the moon and back.

chiko heart

We’re in love with Chiko, too and we can’t wait to see what else he does! You can follow his antics on Facebook.

(Like spy on you from your doorway)

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 2, 2016