Lucky Pup is Rescued, Meets Betty White, and Lives Happily Ever After

Reviewed by Nicole Zalat

August 15, 2014

Some days you’re homeless, and some days you get to meet Betty White. That’s what Einstein’s life has been like so far, according to a video by animal rescue organization Hope For Paws.

Einstein 1

This little guy was found in an abandoned lot full of dead grass. His rescuers had to use a soccer net because he kept escaping. Paralyzed with fear, he found himself huddled up against a fence. He had no idea these people wanted to help.

Einstein 2

Because of his fluffy white hair, he was named Einstein.

EInstein 4

Feeling safe for the first time, he kissed one of his rescuers in the sweetest show of gratitude.

Einstein 3

His matted fur all cleaned up, his luck didn’t stop there. He got to meet Betty White!

Image via Flickr
Source Flickr

And now Einstein is in his furever home.

Einstein 6

Featured image and H/t via Hope For Paws

Reviewed by Nicole Zalat

August 15, 2014