14 Skills Everyone Totally Masters After Getting A Pup

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 30, 2015

With a dog comes a lot of love, cuddles, and fun. But what also comes along fur the ride is a ton of skills you never knew you needed, and before you know it you’re a paws-down pro! From quelling unexpected messes to taming fashion fur-paws, dog owners quickly turn into pawrental masters of these lifehacks:

1. Getting fur- a lot of fur- off anything.


2. Cleaning up poo without a single squeam.


3. Creating secret languages only dogs can understand.

Talking to Dog

4. Sleeping through the night being nearly suffocated… with love.

Sleeping Pup

5. Cooking food that both you and your dog can eat together.

Eating Dog

6. Getting accidentally peed on, and being cool with it.

Pee Dog

7. Finding creative solutions to transport your big-boned boy.


8. Brushing the teeth of a creature who loves its dog breath, and Does. Not. Want. you to take it away.


9. Somehow making a good hair day happen when you accidentally use your pup’s shampoo… on your own hair.

Shampoo Pup

10. Owning new ways to exercise with your flexible companion.

Dog Yoga

11. Finding the pawfect fitting clothes for your pup for “take your dog to work day.”


12. Discovering every pup friendly vacation spot in the country.

Sunglass Pup

13. Redecorating your living room into a giant play pen, and not caring that your guests have no where to sit but on stuffed animals.

Dog toys

14. Putting another creature’s well-being above your own and finding joy you never knew existed.

Dog Friends

Featured image via Norbert the Dog

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 30, 2015