Pup Loyally Stands Vigil For His Dying Owner Outside Of A Hospital

Written by: Regina Lizik

August 3, 2015

We all know the story of Hachiko, the loyal Akita who waited outside of a train station for 8 years after his human’s passing. Hachi was expecting his owner to come home.

That kind of dedication is not unique to the Akita.

Recently, a dog followed his owner’s ambulance to the hospital. No one knows how he tracked her scent. He was determined to care for his human, even in her dying moments.

dog waits outside of hospital 3

The pup waited outside of the hospital doors for more than week. He refused to move no matter how many humans attempted to lure him away. But his owner never returned.

The hospital has found him a foster home, where he is waiting for his new forever family to adopt him. He won’t have to wait long. The hospital staff has received numerous calls from people who want to adopt this loyal pup, including one of the hospital’s doctors.

The video below shows the pup on his third night outside of the hospital.

Feature image via José Pereira de Souza Filho.

h/t The Dodo.

Written by: Regina Lizik

August 3, 2015