Pup Who Got Fired From Sheep Herding Launches Successful Career As Vet Nurse

Written by: Regina Lizik

November 17, 2015

Ruby, a Kelpie, once belonged to a farmer who wanted her to herd sheep. She totally failed at that. For her, herding sheep was that really boring desk job where you know you’re supposed to be looking at Excel files but instead you’re playing Candy Crush while daydreaming that you have an amazing world-changing career.

When her owner “fired” her for underperforming on the job, Ruby was surrendered to Edgar’s Mission in Australia. Her previous home life wasn’t very kind. Ruby was afraid of any attention humans gave her. Before long, she realized that belly rubs were a good thing and she blossomed.

ruby 2

The staff discovered that while Ruby isn’t very good at chasing and herding farm animals, she is very good at doting on them. They gave the Kelpie the incredibly important job of being a vet nurse for rescued farm animals.

ruby 3

Ruby shows the animals the same kind of unconditional love that the humans of Edgar’s Mission gave to her. She greets new animals when they arrive and gives them cuddles of comfort. She’ll often act as a foster mom for the baby animals who need some extra nurturing.

ruby 4

Ruby is so sweet and caring. You can see from these photos how gentle she is. That makes her the perfect vet nurse to animals who may be a bit scared and need lots of puppy kisses to help them feel better.

High paws, Ruby! We’re so glad you found your true calling!

Feature image via Edgar’s Mission.

h/t via One Green Planet.

Written by: Regina Lizik

November 17, 2015