Heroic Students Rescue 6 Puppies Who Were Buried Alive On A College Campus

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

December 21, 2015

One day, students at Lanzhou University in China heard muffled sounds coming from below their feet. They had no idea what it could be, but then they listened more carefully. They realized the faint noises were cries and barks from dogs.

buried alive 2

The soil was still loose, so the students had an easy time rescuing the dogs. They knew that what they found would break their hearts, but they weren’t prepared for there to be six puppies and one very frightened mama dog.

buried alive 1

Like most college campuses, Lanzhou doesn’t allow students to keep pets. But the students were committed to the safety of the canine family, so they nurtured them in secret until the puppies were a bit older. The students then contacted the amazing humans of Animals Asia. The organization found the family a temporary home at a nearby shelter.

buried alive 3

No one knows who buried these sweet pups alive, but what we do know is that this story has a happy ending. Animals Asia found all of the dogs homes in the United Kingdom. They may have started their lives knowing only cruelty, but now they will only know love.

High paws to the students who rescued the pups and to all of the other humans who stepped into make sure these dogs got the forever families they deserve.

h/t Life with Dogs.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

December 21, 2015