Tiny Pup Nuggets Venture Outdoors To Feel Grass Between Their Toes For The First Time

This saga is a tail as old as time. A pack of fuzzballs spend their first couple of months of life indoors with Mom, but one day, one day, they journey to a faraway land known as The Backyard. The puppies (who the New York Pet Rescue guesses are Lab/Brittany Spaniel/St. Bernard mixes) are ready to enjoy the sun on their backs and the breeze in their ears. gif 1 They didn't think to take in the massive trees around them at first, content to just squish their feet on the moss and nibble among the roots. tree gif And the grass... grass gif And even each other. each other gif But when they looked at the bigger picture, everything was one giant game. bigger picture They discovered you could wrestle on that green stuff, and it was cool and gave a good back scratch. back scratch When one puppy thought it was time to take five, another was right there to wake 'em back up. Are you crazy, puppy? Look at what's around you--this is no time for sleep! wrestle Alas, they did eventually get a wee bit tired, as puppies are oft to do. tired But I assure you, that didn't last for long. wake up! In fact, at least one pup was always rearin' to go! And hot dawg they're even cuter walking away from you. in fact The downside to the day is that it ends, but these guys will learn that it always comes back, and that they will always have the chance to romp and roll 'til the sun goes down. sun goes down The pups are available for adoption! If you're interested, visit their profiles at New York Pet Rescue.
H/t Buzzfeed Animals

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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