Puppy Addicted To Heroin and Meth Is Drug-Free And Just Got The Best News

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 26, 2016

***Update: July 22, 2016***
Seven-month-old Bubba has been through quite a lot in his short life. After police officers rescued him from his home with several dangerous drugs coursing through his veins, he had to recover from the trauma before being adopted.

Well now he’s on to better days, because Bubba’s found his forever family! OC Animal Care posted the following on their Facebook page:

He was snatched up by his new family within hours of becoming available, and he now has a big canine sister to play with and a human who is also a retired police officer. “It’s kind of unique that Bubba came in due to an arrest by a police department and is adopted by a retired police officer,” Assistant Director at OC Animal Care Katie Ingram told the Los Angeles Times. “I think that’s great.”

We wish Bubba and his family the best of luck and many fun-filled days to come!



On March 22, Tustin Police in California served an arrest warrant for Joshua West. Much of what they found was expected—drugs and drug paraphernalia, but they also found something extremely startling—a puppy named Bubba.

bubba tustin

Not only was the tiny pup lethargic and afraid, medical tests revealed that the Terrier mix had nicotine, heroin, and meth in his system. Police did not state how Bubba ingested the drugs, only commenting on Facebook that it was “due to living with his drug using owners.”

It took Bubba several weeks of treatment to detox, but now that he has, this guy can’t contain his happiness!

Bubba was full of glee when he reunited with the police officers who saved him. The pupper went crazy for belly rubs and enjoyed a game of fetch.

Bubba also posed for some glamor shots with one of his heroes.

bubba 3

Orange County Animal Care is already flooded with adoption requests for the puppy, but it will be some time before he’s ready to be paired with his forever family. We know that once Bubba is healthy enough, he’ll find the best home pawssible!

Good luck, Bubba!

h/t CBS + featured image via OC Animal Care/Facebook

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Written by: Regina Lizik

May 26, 2016

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