The Time We Detonated a Puppy Bomb at Mashable

A few weeks back, we held this thing called a Pup Up Shop in SoHo where we adopted out a bunch of pups from rescues and shelters around the country. pupup Now here's the thing. It's always been a dream of ours here at BarkBox to let a bunch of puppies loose in an office and make people's days. As an office full of dogs, we know how awesomesauce it is to have pups around all the time. So when we had a sudden influx of puppies in our lives for the Pup Up Shop, we decided to detonate a


stampede1 We racked our brains to try to think of who would need a little pick-me-up puppy bomb and we finally settled on our good pals over at Mashable. Give them something to chitchat over at the watercooler. And so, we


stampede2 There were puppies answering emails... emails Puppies answering conference calls... Office-Puppy-2 Puppies soliciting belly rubs... Office-Puppy-CEO And puppies creating general supercalifragilistic puppy chaos. ; ) chaos But puppies can only create office chaos for so long before it's time for some snoozin'. nappin After the puppy bomb, these rescue pups all went on to find new homes that weekend at our Pup Up Shop. While we do miss having a stampede of puppies around, we're so glad that all of the lil guys found new homes. newhomes For more on the Pup Up Shop, check out this album! stampede3 SEE ALSO: 12 Ways Puppies Can Improve Your Office Environment  

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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