Pit Bull Puppy Has One Wish And It’s To Poop Like Every Other Pup

Written by: Regina Lizik

August 1, 2015

Tiny little Colt, a Pit Bull puppy, has one huge pawblem: He can’t poop.

Jean Keating and her rescue group the Lucas County Pit Crew found Colt through an online advertisement. Jean knew immediately that the pup was not well.

Colt’s vet discovered that the pup had previously had surgery to fix an anal prolapse. That surgery resulted in an infection and scar tissue, leaving him very ill. No one expected the Pit Bull to survive.

puppy cant poop 2

That made no difference to Jean, who had already grown incredibly attached to Colt.

Colt blossomed under Jean’s care. He began to eat and gain weight. Unfortunately, the scar tissue on his bum made it nearly impossible for him to do his doodie.

Jean told the Huffington Post:

“He drips. He was uncomfortable and was having some serious complications from getting so backed up.”

Hearing about a backed up pup and all this talk of poop might seem a little silly, but it’s very serious. It could result in Colt’s death.

puppy can't poop 3

When a second surgery failed to work, doctors used a balloon to stretch out the scar tissue. Initially, that also seemed like a failed attempt at saving Colt. But the dog did the most amazing thing.

According to Jean:

“I looked down, and there was real poop. It was formed and semi-solid.”

No human has probably ever been so happy to see dog poop in their life. Jean burst into tears when she saw it.

puppy cant poop 4

Unfortunately, the pup hasn’t had anything but drips since then. He’s currently recovering from another surgery that Jean hopes will be the one that gives her beloved foster dog a normal life.

Once Colt’s pooper is up to snuff, he will be available for adoption. Once that happens, Jean says:

“New opportunities and adventures will be open to Colt if he can poop like every other puppy.”

It will likely be quite some time before that day comes. Until then, he’ll stay in Jean’s loving home, snuggling with his foster family.

Feature image via Lucas County Pit Crew.

h/t Huffington Post.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

August 1, 2015

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