Devoted Rescue Puppy Comforts Baby Donkey After Tragic Car Accident

This baby donkey was only four months old when he was hit by a car in Fortaleza, Brazil. He was left on the side of the road with three broken legs. (OW. MY HEART hurts from typing that sentence.) donkey4 Zenith Gurgel found the donkey and took him into her home where she fed him by hand. She named him Guerreirinho, which appropriately translates to "Little Warrior." [caption id="attachment_65654" align="alignnone" width="540"]OH HAYYY. OH HAYYY.[/caption] But Zenith isn't the only one nursing this Little Warrior back to health. Her tiny dog, who is also a rescue, decided to lend a helping paw as well. donkey2 [bp_related_article] Guerreirinho is currently unable to walk, so the pup stays by his side providing around the clock ruv, cuddles and cuteness. I CAN'T. The baby donkey needed extensive surgery to get back on his hooves. At first, Zenith was unable to pay for this operation, but after sharing the story of the heartwarming friendship between Guerrierinho and the dog, she received enough donations to get the donkey the surgery he needs. donkey6 YOU GO GUERRIERINHO. YOU GO. Also, I think baby donkeys should officially be called BADONKEYS. Who is with me?
Featured image and h/t via YahooNews

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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