25 Pairs Of Puppy Dog Eyes That Know Your Very Soul

Ah, the classic Puppy Dog Eye – defined in the dictionary as “a facial expression showing credulous or unsophisticated innocence or naivety,” but better known to us humans as the most smushable, adorable, irresistable face that never fails to tug hard at our heartstrings. I daresay every pooch in the world has perfected the art of pulling out the sweetest, most expressive eyes, whether it be for a new toy, a taste of your dinner, or just a simple pat on the head. Here for you to enjoy is a collection of masters of the Puppy Dog Eye straight from some of our favorite Instagram pups.

1. @thefugee: So, by “leave for work”… you mean stay in bed and cuddle? 


2. @yippy_n_jonah: I’m not begging! I’m just looking… at that treat in your hand.


3. @dobermanduo: Walk! You said walk right? I’m pretty sure I heard you say walk. Let me get my leash.


4. @simonthejackchi: I’ll be good, I promise. I can handle one good car ride. I won’t even stick my face out of the window. Just pretty please, take me out of this thing?


5. @emwng: Oh, you’re going to the grocery store? I’ll take one turkey, one sirloin steak, and wild-caught salmon please. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.04.45 PM

6. @koda_thecorgi: Vet?! No, thank you. I prefer to stay home and hang out on the couch.


7. @wilburs_world: We need to talk…That last bath you gave me? That was one bath too many.


8. @thedogtex: I’ve sniffed out a lady friend that lives on the other side of our fence. Can she come over for dinner?


9. @rileybeann: We always make a snow man. Can’t we make a snow pup this time?


10. @shihtzusmile: I’d like to go shopping, please. I’m running low on hair accessories…


11. @napoleanthecorgi: Can we talk about this “Wait” trick? Is there any way to lessen the time from 5 seconds to 3 seconds?


12. @mrolliepants: Excuse me, but are you going to eat that treat? The two of us are quite hungry this evening.


13. @frankiethelilsausage: I will give you one lick for that tasty biscuit in your hand…deal?


14. @tuttersthecorgi: Bed time already? Is that your final answer?


15. @miket1811: I’m not sure if I fully understand what “drop it” entails… let’s play tug again?


16. @graciethelabrador: Someone came by while you weren’t home and tore up our pillows… I tried to stop them, I really did…


17. @bordernerd: Lamb? I thought we were going to have bacon for dinner…


18. @scvitkovic1: If only you’d let me, I swear I could have caught that squirrel, I swear!



19. @mrsh29: Driver? Can we go to the beach today please? 



20. @frankiethechug: Please sir, a refill on my Kong?


21. @otisbarkington: I slept in today and forgot to do my chores, but that’s okay right…?


22. @brandotheiggy: Don’t hide it from me, I can smell that treat behind you.



23. @musingsofmia: That’s… what “bully” means…? Are you sure?



24. @myhappydogs: So glad you’re home! Let’s go for a walk? A run? To the car?  To the park? 


25. @jaxtotherescue: Would you extend my Barkbox subscription… I’ll be a good boy, I promise!


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Emily Wang

8 years ago