Being Abandoned In A Donation Bin Was The Best Thing To Happen To This Newborn Pup

Shaun Derienzo noticed something strange when he opened up a Big Brothers Big Sisters donation box at a Walmart in Missouri. There was something moving and making squeaking noises underneath a pile of clothes. donation bin puppy At first, Shaun thought it was some kids playing a prank. But then something completely unexpected happened. He described it to his local news station:
“The sweatshirt started moving and out comes a little baby pit bull. It was crazy. It was weird, unbelievable.”
Shaun and his coworker immediately took the one week old puppy to a local animal hospital. The puppy was in good health and has already been adopted!
Feature image via Fox2Now. h/t Business Insider.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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