Puppy Who Lost An Eye In A Dog Attack Finds A Kindred Spirit With His New Human

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

September 15, 2015

A little over a month ago, a badly injured puppy named Bear came to the Animal Rescue Foundation. Another dog had attacked the pup and his wounds were so severe that he lost one of his eyes.

dog missing eye 2

It can be difficult to find forever homes for dogs with special needs, like Bear. But the moment Maria Williamson saw him, she knew they belonged together because they both share the same struggle.

Maria was shot in the face earlier this year in an attempted car-jacking. Like Bear, Maria lost her eye.

She told the Huffington Post:

I immediately thought, ‘He’s so perfect! I know his struggles and I know what he is going through. We both see life through one lens.

dog missing eye 3

Maria adopted Bear, who is now two months old, the same day that she and her boyfriend saw the pup on Facebook. The pair still has a long way to go in their individual recoveries, but Maria is confident that their shared experience will help them both to heal.

dog missing eye 6

She said:

Like me, he is a survivor. We are not victims, we are survivors who get to share our story.

We wish both of you the best on your journey together, and we’re so glad you found each other!

h/t The Huffington Post.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

September 15, 2015