These Pups Transform As They Ride To Freedom From A Puppy Mill

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

May 27, 2015

Running a rescue is hard work. Taking that rescue and building it up to the point of having a physical space to find pups furever homes? We have no words for the fur, sweat and tears it takes to undertake such a worthy endeavor.


So when Heather Owen, Executive Director of One Tail at a Time, told us OTAT was taking the next big step in helping Chicago’s neediest pups, BarkPost was excited as she was.


After rescuing over 1,000 dogs since OTAT started in 2008, with their community’s support, the rescue has grown into a self-sustaining animal welfare community. Now they want to increase their life-saving efforts even more by opening an Adoption Center.


In the next few months, we’ll be chronicling how Heather and the OTAT pups do their good work, and watch them make their dream of an Adoption Center into a reality!

The first in this series of episodes shows OTAT rescuing dogs from a puppy mill.


As you see the pups’ demeanors change even from the first moments of their freedom rides, you’ll realize why OTAT does the work that it does.

An even happier ending to this tail? All the pups in the video have since been adopted!





OTAT aims to raise $70,000 over the next 70 days so that their center can open as scheduled on August 1, 2015. Please join in the fight and donate to make Chicago a no-kill city!

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

May 27, 2015