The State Of The Union’s Puppy Mills

Any business that puts value in making a profit over the care and well-being of dogs is a place that doesn’t deserve to exist – and certainly doesn’t deserve your business! Puppy mills are the very worst offenders. Breeding incessantly and often putting dogs and puppies through incorrigible conditions, these places are literally horrendous.

We decided to take a look at the regulations and laws regarding puppy mills across the country. Here’s a quick glance at where your state stands:

Infographic via BarkPost
Infographic via BarkPost

For the purpose of the above infographic, we defined “heavy regulation” using the ASPCA’s detailed rankings of existing state laws. If a state has extensive laws governing the operation of puppy mills AND conducts inspections, then it’s deemed as heavily regulated.

A state that has no “standards of care” or inspections falls under the states without regulation laws.

And the states which fall between the two extremes have laws in place governing the care of puppies bred for sale. However, those states do not conduct inspections or offer little in the way of enforcement of existing regulations.

If you are concerned that you live in a state with little to no regulation, there’s still a possibility that you live in a well-regulated county.

You can learn more about the regulations in your state by consulting Michigan State University’s Animal Legal and Historical Society or Born Free USA.

Want to do more and fight against this cruelty? Head over to ASPCA’s great FAQ page for all the information!

Featured image via Michigan Humane Society


Tasmai Uppin

8 years ago