This Puppy Is Called Adolf. We’d Like To Suggest A Different Name.

Written by: Hope Bobbitt

March 6, 2015

When British hairdresser Claire Walsh started posting pictures of one of their new puppies on her Facebook, people started commenting that the little Chihuahua bore a distinct resemblance to a certain infamous 1940s dictator.


That’s right. Their adorable puppy’s markings have inevitably drawn comparisons to Hitler. So much so that the family has started to jokingly call him Adolf. As Walsh told The Daily Mail:

“We have called him Adolf – although obviously, it is just tongue in cheek. We don’t have any time for what Hitler stands for, but we can see there is a resemblance.”

Personally, we at BarkPost think the pup looks like the comical genius Charlie Chaplin.


And apparently his antics are more comedic than evil German, so much so that their son Zak adores the pup! As Walsh further recounted, “Zak loves him. He is the cheekiest in the litter, and is full of character.”




Of course, animals on the Internet being compared to Hitler is not a new trend. There have been many. A goldfish. Other pups. And of course, cats.


But with cats, well…we’re not saying you SHOULD name your cat Hitler. Even if they are sociopathic little twerps.

For more on Adolf Charlie Chaplin, watch below!

h/t and Featured Image via Daily Mail

Written by: Hope Bobbitt

March 6, 2015