The Story Of The Puppy Abandoned In A Pillowcase Just Took A Bizarre Turn

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 1, 2016

Earlier this week, we told you about a very sad story of a puppy someone abandoned in a pillowcase that was duct taped closed. In a bizarre twist to this heartbreaking tale, the woman who supposedly found the puppy, Dr. Hope A. Sanchez, made up the entire thing.

woofstock in a blanket

Here’s how police uncovered the truth behind Dr. Sanchez’ false claims:

During their search for the supposed perpetrator of the crime, they found the dog’s original owners. The pup, now named Woodstock, was part of a litter of dogs bred by a family in Woodstock, Illinois. When police found the puppies and their mama, they also discovered that the owners had given Woodstock to Dr. Sanchez.

woofstock siblings

Due to her housing situation, Dr. Sanchez was unable to keep the puppy and, for some unknown reason, concocted a story of animal abuse, rather than return Woodstock to his previous family.

Police charged Dr. Sanchez with a felony count of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report and held her on $10,000 bond.


According to the Woodstock Police Department:

McHenry County Animal Control was contacted and responded to assist. All puppies were taken into custody until the conclusion of this ongoing investigation. The mother of the puppies was subsequently left at the apartment, as no immediate danger was evident.

The puppies will be cared for by some of the mother dogs at Hoof Woof and Meow Animal Rescue. They will eventually be available for adoption.

We are very glad that Woodstock and his siblings are safe and will soon have loving homes.

h/t Chicago Sun Times.

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 1, 2016