Medical Alert Puppy In Training Has Happy Explosion When She Reunites With Mom

Meet Percie, short for Persephone. She's training to be a medical alert dog, and her bond with her human Claire is---well, it's easy to see. When Percie finished up some formal training, this is what happened when she saw her Mom again.
Percie is still continuing her rigorous training on the road to becoming a bonafide service dog, where she'll be keeping Claire safe (and making her smile) for many years to come. "I have a couple of medical conditions that debilitate my ability to live a normal life," Claire writes, "and Percie is changing that." You can follow her progress on Instagram at @golden.persephone!
h/t yepright/Reddit, featured image via @golden.persephone/Instagram

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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